Psychology has similarities to the other sciences in the sense that it uses the scientific based method of empirical evidence. Psychology has a variety of sub-disciplines and sub-topics; the major concentration being the clinical study of the behaviors of individuals. The merged facet of psychology has created the sub-disciplines of industrial/organizational psychology, social psychology, behavioral psychology, ecological psychology, cognitive psychology and educational psychology. Each of these sub-disciplines has cultivated unique hypothesis to justify behavior.

Within this essay, the discussion will focus on the distinct nature of psychology`s major theories, sub-disciplines of industrial/organization psychology, and ecological psychology. The sub-topics will serve as examples of the distinction. Included in the discussion will be the relevance to sub-disciplines, and how these affect traditional society. Finally, a personal theoretical viewpoint will be connected, and a personal psychological involvement to society will conclude the essay.

The powerful influence of diversity in the area of psychology is intense. Each sub-discipline deliberates on a specific area of the subject matter. Fine points are given in the discipline, while also being a component to additional sub-disciplines and fields of humanities, and science. Therefore, within the subject of psychology, diversity has supplied confirmation of the effectiveness of diagnosis as well as treatment in scientific psychology. However, multiplied to various disciplines such as; geography, ecology biology, sociology, architecture and economics.